Feder Reporting
Professional Court Reporting Services

810 Capitol Square Place SW
Washington, DC, 20024
ph: 800-956-8996 or 202-863-0000
fax: 202-863-1010
email: feder@federreporting.com

Owned and operated in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area since 1986 by Reporters Zev Feder and Renee Feder. A high percentage of our work has always been with medical and highly technical litigation. The quality of our transcripts and service is our priority.

Services: Computer-assisted stenotype reporting of depositions of any nature, hearings, meetings. Videotaped depositions. Expedited, Rush, Daily Copy and Realtime available. ASCII files, condensed transcripts with word index, and E-Transcripts provided.

Notable Features: reallegal.com e-transcript™, conference rooms, court/deposition reporting, legal videography, realtime reporters, compressed transcripts, video text synchronization, e-mail delivery of transcripts, language interpretation, ASCII diskettes, expedited, next day or same day service.